Welcome to the brand new YouthMinistryStuff.com!

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Hello youth pastor super heroes! This site has been a long time coming. For 10 years breakfreeyouthministry.com has been dedicated to providing free resources to youth workers all over the world. The amount of resources and the traffic has grown significantly. This past year has been frustrating for me as I the tool that I have always used for updating the site is not supported and I have been unable to find a good way to easily update the outdated breakfreeyouthministry.com.

I have finally come to a point where I want to make it a priority to take this site to the next level so that you, the true heroes, have access to even more great free resources. This include a brand new name and website. I believe youthministrystuff.com is much more descriptive, easy to remember and will lead more people to our site. Also, I hope that you find that the new website is more attractive, user-friendly, and easier to navigate and download what you want. For me, it is 100% easier to keep updated which means that there won’t be any more long gaps between updates.

Youthministrystuff.com is here and that means a more powerful website and more free youth ministry resources for you!

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